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Weight of your stand is very significant don’t forget about it! Professional Logitech, Microsoft wheels have about 14lbs (6kg) weight, so when you mount it on stand, it should not fall down. We create A Real Stable stand with 30lbs (13kg) weight!

Probably the most stable stand for your steering wheel

Are you tired of holding the steering wheel between your legs or on your desk? Would you like to feel as a professional Formula 1 driver?

We have the perfect solution for you - the steering wheel stand created by SimRaceStar company. It has been designed to fit with modern electronic devices such as video console, television. Designers set the goal to create the most professional and stable product.

This is exactly for what SimRaceStar was designed for.

SimRaceStar was created step by step, we tested our stand with gamers and professional drivers. By eliminating the tube between legs our racers gain freedom :- )

Designed boom do not block the movement of your legs.

Once you've finished playing you can simply fold it, and you can hide it in the closet or other place that does not require a lot of space.

Solutions in SimRaceStar stand allows for quick adjustment: the length of the horizontal and vertical, height and angle of the steering wheel. Created a special tilt for gas, brake and clutch allows you to press the pedals located on the slope more naturally, which better reflects simulations rallies.

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As a result you could seat with your wheel and pedals in the same position as in real car racing WRC, GT or Formula 1 (in almost lying position).

SimRaceStar has an elegant finishing elements: rubber pads to prevent the drawing of the floor surface, special blockers prevent movement of the pedals during the game, modern solutions that secure base for the wheel.

Practice your favourite racing game on any type of seat, chair or sofa.

This is the end of solutions where free movement are restricted by the pipe, where instable products causes discomfort and appearance repels rather than excite.

Now you can really enjoy your racing!